Debug My House

Debug My House

Debug my House puts homeowners to the test. Even a well-maintained house may be rolling out a welcome mat to insects and rodents that could harm your property and can increase health problems for your family. Without effective pest management and control, unseen potential pest problems can grow into substantial issues.

Follow the adventures of homeowners just like you who learned what they were doing right and wrong when it comes to keeping their homes pest-free. Use their experiences to consider your own homecare and pest control practices. And be thankful you can control these pests before they control your home.

Tampa Bay


St. Petersburg homeowner Gina Pickard takes pride in the 100-year old home she shares with her husband and five kids. The busy working mother takes a tour of her own home with pest management professional Greg Bauman, discovering the good, the bad, and the ugly of potential pest problems both seen and unseen.



Brittany Frey, a first-time homeowner and busy young professional, doesn’t want pests affecting her property value or the health of her dog, Hershey. To learn more about the pests that may be lingering in her house, Brittany will open her home to John Zimmerman of Buffalo Exterminating. Learn more about Brittany’s experience by watching the video of her house inspection. And find out more about how pests can affect your home’s value from Realtor Susan Foster.

Rockland County




Linda is a busy mom with three kids living in Rockland County, New York who wants to be sure she is doing everything possible to keep her home protected from pests, weeds and the harm they can cause. Pest control professional Greg Bauman tours Linda’s home, showing her the way to a pest-free environment for her family and providing some helpful tips for all homeowners along the way.

Controlling pests in and around your home is one way to maintain its value.  Local Realtor Lauren Muller is on hand to talk with Linda about the connection between proper pest control and protecting her home investment



Protect your family, protect your investment

In the current buyers’ real estate market, sellers can’t afford any problem to turnoff potential buyers. Real estate agents can tell many tales of cockroaches, termites, wasps and other creepy, crawling or potentially dangerous pests driving home seekers down the street to another property.

Learn more about showing pests the door – or keeping them out to begin with. And register to win a Home Depot gift card – it might come in handy as you debug your own home.

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Inspect and Protect

Prevent pests inside and outside your home all year with simple tips and tricks.


Housepests: Uncovered

Do you have unwelcome guests sharing your home? Discover what may be creeping in and around the house.


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