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Debug the Myths and RISE present National Inspect and Protect Week, a week dedicated to helping homeowners better understand how to protect their homes, lawns and communities from insects, rodents and weeds that cause health problems and property damage. Visit our blog for daily tips and videos about the simple steps that homeowners can follow.

Pests are serious business – so show them you’re serious, too. Recognize National Inspect and Protect week by taking this serious, yet simple, approach to inspecting your surroundings and protecting your family and investment.

Investigate. Take a serious, strategic approach to discovering potential pest problems in and around your home. Check out tips for doing this with our inspection checklist.
Study. After identifying potential problems, study the potential cause or consequence of these problems. Have questions? Submit ‘em here.
Prepare. Plan how to most effectively solve your problem. Changing activities, such as covering your dryer vent and only eating in the kitchen can help cut down on pest issues.
Eliminate. Execute your plan to eliminate pests in and around your home. Be sure to read up on how to safely execute any approach involving products here.
Clean. Maintaining a clean house and lawn is essential for discouraging pests from calling your home theirs.
Treat. Many pests bring with them disease and damage. To protect your home and family, properly treat pest problems with the appropriate pesticide product to effectively remove the problem.
National Inspect and Protect Week


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