Month: October 2011

Day 5: Treat

Today is Friday, the last day of National Inspect and Protect Week, and you are going to discover the importance of treating your pest problems. As part of the I.N.S.P.E.C.T. process, it is important to realize that this is a comprehensive method that works best when all the steps are accurately followed. Treating your pest … Continued

Day 4: Clean

Today, we are going to explore how to keep your house clean to ensure your home is consistently pest-free. Even the cleanest homes might occasionally encounter pest problems, but simple, frequent cleaning can greatly reduce the chances of pest invasions. Insects and other critters will happily make themselves at home wherever there is food and … Continued

Day 3: Eliminate

You have investigated your home and have studied and prepared for applying appropriate solutions to the problems you encountered. Now it is time for you to ensure a safe and healthy home by eliminating entry ways for any pest problems you may have. Pests like mice, spiders, and ants seek places that fill their basic … Continued

Day 2: Study and Prepare

Now that you have investigated your home environment for pest infestations, the next step in the I.N.S.P.E.C.T process is to study these problems and prepare to take action against them. You never know what that tiny pest crawling around your kitchen floor might be, especially since many pests appear different throughout the various stages in … Continued

Day 1: Investigate

As we nestle in to the warmth and comfort of our homes this fall and winter season, remember that pests are also looking for a warm and safe place to spend the winter. Don’t let your home become a haven for unwanted roommates. As the cooler weather approaches, you can keep a safe, pest-free home … Continued

Kicking Off National Inspect and Protect Week

Over the past month, we have focused on several regions with common pest issues, educating homeowners on controlling swarms of pests that may be harmful to families and their homes this fall. In the southwest, we warned homeowners how the oppressive heat and extreme drought during the past few months is causing increases in pest … Continued

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