AND not OR

Home and lawn care can be a challenge.

Don’t let OR limit the ways you can get the job done. Instead, embrace AND. Experience the freedom that comes with having all the solutions you need to do what’s right for your family, home and lawn. Explore our site to better understand your choices, get help to build the best game plan, and find tips to create spaces you’ll be proud of and enjoy.

Home and lawn issues can slow you down, but sometimes, the solution is simpler than you’d expect. Next time you have a problem pop up, try The AND Approach to find a solution to resolve your problem today and help prevent its return tomorrow.

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When you’ve decided how to nip your weed and bug problems in the bud, many solutions are available. When it’s time to tackle these problems, knowledge is power. Here’s where The AND Approach comes into play. Start by identifying exactly what has invaded your space. Turn to an immediate solution to take care of the problem at hand. If that includes heading to the store for pest control help, be ready to read – labels, that is. Even if it adds a few minutes to your trip, reading labels will help you determine the best product for a sustainable solution.

awardIntended use. First things first, find a product that’s intended for the problem at hand. Check the product’s uses to understand whether it will be an effective choice.

listDirections for use. Even if asking for directions isn’t your favorite thing, take a close look at this section. The directions will explain how to prep, how much to use, when to apply, and what to avoid.

trashStorage and Disposal. Learn the dos and don’ts when it comes to storing products for future use and disposing of them to keep your kids, pets, and the environment safe.

signPrecautions. Be informed. read this section closely to get a better idea of the safety precautions specific to the product.

first-aid-kit2-01First Aid.
Read label directions, including the first aid section. Read the first aid warnings to understand exactly what to do in case of emergency.

governmentEPA Registration Number. U.S. EPA-approved products have a registration number on their label. Registered products show you they have been thoroughly evaluated by EPA and can be used safely when you read and follow all label directions. Whether you choose an EPA-registered or another type of solution, it’s still important to always read and follow all directions.

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