Month: July 2013

Planning for the Perfect Picnic this July

July is National Picnic Month and a great time to combine family, friends, and food with outdoor games and sunshine.  Whether it’s hosting an impromptu picnic in the backyard or taking sandwiches to the kid’s ballgame, picnics create memories that will last a lifetime. But the recipe for a successful picnic doesn’t end there. It … Continued

Trivia Thursday: Crazy Ants: Have you spotted this new species near you?

The evening sun and damp conditions are two things we expect to attract pests to a late-day picnic or evening ballgame, but chances are, you haven’t considered mobile devices attracting unwanted pests. We now turn our attention toward the new pest invading the U.S. It’s currently most common in the southern states and threatening America’s … Continued

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