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10 Ways to Discover the Great Outdoors

Summer is in full-swing – even though it looks and feels significantly different this year. While you may be trading your beach or international vacation for a staycation, it’s still important to get some sun and fresh air, appreciating all the great outdoors has to offer. This season, we challenge you to step into the … Continued

Don’t Bring Home an Extra Camper: Tips to Keep Kids Bug Bite-Free

As summer approaches, parents are quickly planning their kid’s summer activities. For many, this includes packing their bags and heading to summer camp – the ultimate place for scavenger hunts, swimming, and other fun outdoor activities. But, campers may meet more than a new bunkmate during their stay. Tiny, yet harmful, pests thrive in the … Continued

5 Ways to Prep for Your Father’s Day Hike

This Father’s Day, ditch the stress of gift-giving and give dad what he really wants: quality time together. Swap out your view from the couch for one from a hilltop, and trade the sounds of the hustle and bustle for the quiet of the great outdoors. Grab your gear and hit the trails with these … Continued

Celebrate a Bug Bite-Free Fourth of July

Crowds are inevitable during the Fourth of July holiday weekend, and if this year is anything like last, more than 43 million Americans will be traveling. With the heat, bugs will be too. Whether you’re heading to a baseball game or hitting the beach, protect yourself from mosquitoes and other bugs so you can enjoy … Continued

New Homeowner’s Guide: 4 Steps to Prevent Mosquitoes

Boxes are unloaded and you’ve started to unpack, but as a new homeowner, it might take some time for your new house to feel like a home. There are new sights, unfamiliar sounds and unexpected maintenance to-dos. Not to mention, summertime activities require a little extra yard upkeep, including mosquito prevention. We’ve been in our … Continued

4 Vacation Essentials to Protect Against Zika

Jet setting to an exotic locale for a little rest and relaxation? Vacation mode is on, so say goodbye to worries about Zika and other mosquito-borne illnesses by packing the essentials and leaving your home in good condition. The below packing list and care tips can help keep you from scrambling for vacation essentials and … Continued

Making the world a healthier place starts in your own backyard

Spring is here, and storm season started earlier than usual in the southern half of the United States. My husband, four children and I spent last Sunday picking up our backyard after thunderstorms blew the kids’ toys across the yard, and filled them with rainwater. It’s true that April Showers bring May flowers … and … Continued

Say “Yes” to a Mosquito-Free Destination Wedding

The salty ocean breeze, sand between your toes – what’s not to love about a romantic beach front ceremony? This time last year, soon-to-be newlyweds prepared for their nuptials amidst the initial reports of the Zika outbreak. With a new year of spring and summer weddings upon us, the risk of Zika-carrying mosquitoes should still … Continued

Mother Nature isn’t fazed by fall – and neither are mosquitoes

There’s a saying we like to use in Texas that goes a little something like this: “If you don’t like the weather in Texas, just wait five minutes. It’ll change!” It’s true – we have wild weather here in the Lone Star State, and chances are wherever you live, you too are experiencing shifts in … Continued

Trick-or-Treat: Keep Treats Safe and Tricky Pests Out

Halloween is around the corner bringing with it cooler weather, spooky decorations, kids in costumes, and lots of candy. Spider and cobweb decorations, plastic rats, bats, and more are fun and festive, but the real pests are not if they make their way into your home. RISE (Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment) ® has tips … Continued

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