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Trivia Thursday: How much do you REALLY know about the common house fly?

The common house fly thrives nearly everywhere in the U.S. no matter what the season.  As the most prevalent type of fly in the world, the common house fly accounts for more than 90 percent of the fly population. Although most regard them as harmless and mere nuisances, it turns out that flies have the … Continued

5 Bed Bug Myths Demystified

In recent years, bed bugs have become a major problem in the U.S. Although they’ve lived with humans since ancient times, bed bugs were largely unheard of in the U.S. after World War II, thanks to pesticide use. Here are five of the most common myths about bed bugs. Myth No. 1: Bad hygiene triggers … Continued

Trivia Thursday: How much do you REALLY know about bed bugs?

Bed bugs are pestering people across the U.S. While you may think bed bugs lurk in unfamiliar hotel beds, they might be unnerved to know bed bugs are infesting more places, such as movie theaters, schools, college campuses, and even commercial spaces, such as offices and waiting rooms. How much do you REALLY know about … Continued

Top 10 Resolutions to Make 2013 Pest Free

Written by: Bobby Kossowicz, mother of two, Branchburg, New Jersey Editor’s Note: Bobby Kossowicz is a mother of two from Branchburg, New Jersey, who has past personal experience with pests and the importance of controlling them. Before becoming a full-time mom, Bobby worked in the pest control industry, and she combines her professional experience with … Continued

Celebrate the holidays pest, worry free

Written by: Robin L. Tabuchi, Research Entomologist, University of California, Berkeley. Winter is here, and although we are less likely to encounter pests this time of year, we need to ensure pest prevention occurs year round. In between sipping your hot chocolate, opening gifts, and enjoying the company of your family, take a few minutes … Continued

Day 3 of NIAP Week: Eliminating Entry Ways for Pests

Today is the third day of National Inspect and Protect Week. In the past couple of days, we’ve read an account from guest blogger Bobby Kossowicz, mother of two, about her experience removing mice from her country home, and we’ve also promoted investigating, studying and preparing for pest problems. The next step in the INSPECT (INvestigate, Study, Prepare, Eliminate, Clean and Treat) process is … Continued

Don’t Bring Bed Bugs Back as Souvenirs

Written by: Robin L. Tabuchi, Research Entomologist, University of California, Berkeley. For many of us, summer vacation means spending time with family and friends, relaxing and travelling. Although I love travelling, there’s one pest I don’t look forward to sharing my vacation with; the infamous, blood-sucking bed bug! By now you’ve all heard of bed … Continued

The Battle of the Bed Bug

You’ve all heard about them—bed bugs—those sneaky, near-microscopic bugs that hitch a ride into your home uninvited and cause all kinds of mischief. This past year, bed bugs have taken up residence in homes, hotels, and businesses across the United States. Los Angeles and other west-coast metropolitan areas are no exception. While New York City … Continued

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