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Day 4 of NIAP Week: Keeping Your Home Clean

As National Inspect and Protect Week continues, today we’re exploring ways to keep your home clean as part of the INSPECT (INvestigate, Study, Prepare, Eliminate, Clean and Treat) process to ensure your home is consistently pest-free. Even the cleanest homes might occasionally encounter pest problems, but simple, frequent cleaning can greatly reduce the chances of pest invasions. Insects and other … Continued

National Inspect and Protect Week Begins Today!

In honor of National Inspect and Protect Week (Oct 1 – 5), we’re sharing great tips and stories (and from our archives!) that align with the easy-to-remember mantra, INSPECT (INvestigate, Study, Prepare, Eliminate, Clean and Treat). Fall is the time to inspect current conditions of your home and prepare for the winter — and prevent … Continued

What about pruning your trees and shrubs during winter?

Cathie Lavis is a professor of horticulture at Kansas State University. Her expertise includes landscaping, arboriculture, irrigation, and landscape contracting. She provides insight for homeowners and gardeners on plant care, selection, and more. Although the removal of dead, damaged or diseased branches and stems can be done anytime during the year, there are better times … Continued

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