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Love to stop and smell your roses?

Valentine‚Äôs Day is typically devoted to showing affection to our loved ones with flowers, chocolates, and kisses. But this year, be sure to share some love with your beloved home and lawn, too! Just like a healthy relationship requires nurturing and dedication, a healthy landscape requires just the right amount of attention and care, even … Continued

Ticks Bite Close to Home

Unlike mosquitoes, who are large enough and loud enough to be noticed, ticks are significantly less obvious but often just as dangerous. People who are familiar with tick problems are used to checking for the pests after hiking or camping, but a recent Wall Street Journal article revealed that the majority of tick bites happen … Continued

Protecting Plants in the Ice and Snow

Cathie Lavis is a professor of horticulture at Kansas State University. Her expertise includes landscaping, arboriculture, irrigation, and landscape contracting. She provides insight for homeowners and gardeners on plant care, selection, and more. Although there really is little we can do to safeguard plants from harsh weather, proper maintenance throughout the growing season will certainly … Continued

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