Month: March 2010

Debugging Myths in NC and DC

This week was a whirlwind of activity as Debug the Myths stopped in Morrisville, North Carolina and Washington, DC. Our stop at Prime Outlets in Morrisville on Tuesday was a perfect opportunity to share the Debug the Myths Road tour and all of our interactive and educational activities.  Local RISE Members came out to experience … Continued

My house has been debugged!

Gina Pickard, St. Petersburg homeowner and mother of five, recently participated in the “Debug My House!” Her home was inspected for potential pest problems and to identify ways she and her family could help prevent creatures from sharing their home.  Living in Florida with year-round warm temperatures, pests are always a problem. Living in Florida … Continued

Florida’s Largest Home and Garden Show Debugs the Myths

Today was a beautiful day to Debug some Myths at Florida’s Largest Home and Garden Show in Tampa. We had a great time talking with families about their use of pesticide and fertilizer products to keep their family and homes healthy and happy. Families loved getting their pictures taken in front of the green screen … Continued

Team Up to Clean Up — Boys and Girls Club

As part of our efforts in Tampa, we spent time today with volunteers from the Boys and Girls Club of Tampa Bay, George Steinbrenner Family, killing weeds, planting fun colorful plants and foliage, as well as mulching to hold in water and curb weed growth. The event took place during Tampa’s Clean City Day and … Continued

Is your home a hotel for pests?

Is your home a top vacation spot for rats and mice? Howard University’s CapComm Lab, the Earth Conservation Corps and the EPA use humor to show how conditions in your home can encourage rodents to move in and stay for a while. (Rated “E” for “Ew.”) Video: Infestations Vacations Tips for not making your home … Continued

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