Team Up to Clean Up — Boys and Girls Club

As part of our efforts in Tampa, we spent time today with volunteers from the Boys and Girls Club of Tampa Bay, George Steinbrenner Family, killing weeds, planting fun colorful plants and foliage, as well as mulching to hold in water and curb weed growth. The event took place during Tampa’s Clean City Day and NBC was on hand to see the good work.

Research shows quality green spaces bring communities together. Plus, weed-free lawns help prevent sports injuries, as turf provides better traction than broadleaf weeds and grass absorbs impact better than weeds.

We want to say a HUGE thank you to Cornerstone Solutions Group and Peter Klinkenberg for donating the plants, time and expertise. Also, thanks to Shervin Rassa from the Boys and Girls Club for assisting with arrangements and all of the Boys and Girls Club members for their hard work digging, planting and mulching. Check back in the next couple days for pictures and video from the event.

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