Month: September 2011

The Battle of the Bed Bug

You’ve all heard about them—bed bugs—those sneaky, near-microscopic bugs that hitch a ride into your home uninvited and cause all kinds of mischief. This past year, bed bugs have taken up residence in homes, hotels, and businesses across the United States. Los Angeles and other west-coast metropolitan areas are no exception. While New York City … Continued

The Ants Go Marching In…By the Thousands

Summer showers are not only bringing flowers this season but also a flurry of ants to the Southeastern region of the United States. As Florida residents are baffled by the dramatic spikes in infestation, experts say the rain may be to blame. “What’s happening is after it rains, they’re going to send out swarmers, kings and … Continued

Lyme Disease is Taking a Toll

As autumn approaches, many people are excited to spend time outdoors with family, friends, and pets, enjoying rays of sunshine and cool breezes.  However, before you run outside, spend some time to get educated about the risks of tick-borne illnesses, especially Lyme disease.  Residents of the Northeast should be on high-alert, due to high populations … Continued

Summertime: We seek to stay cool and hydrated, and so do pests

It’s been one hot summer.  Months of record high temperatures have brought waves of intense heat, leaving much of the Southwestern United States in severe and extreme drought. Such hot and dry conditions often send pests on a mission to find water, which unfortunately sends them into our homes and living spaces. These conditions have … Continued

2011 Inspect and Protect Week is October 3-7

Debug the Myths and RISE announce the second annual National Inspect and Protect Week, October 3-7, a week dedicated to helping homeowners better understand how to protect their homes, lawns and communities from insects, rodents and weeds that cause health problems and property damage. Leading up to National Inspect and Protect Week, our blog will … Continued

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