2011 Inspect and Protect Week is October 3-7

Debug the Myths and RISE announce the second annual National Inspect and Protect Week, October 3-7, a week dedicated to helping homeowners better understand how to protect their homes, lawns and communities from insects, rodents and weeds that cause health problems and property damage.

Leading up to National Inspect and Protect Week, our blog will focus regionally, with weekly posts featuring hot-topic and common pest issues, such as Lyme disease watch outs in the Northeast, increasing ant problems in the Southeast, and the overpopulation of bedbugs in the West.  We’ll also introduce you to region-specific experts providing advice and insights on the pests particular to specific parts of the country.

Knowledge is power when trying to maintain a pest-free home, lawn and community. We look forward to you joining our inspecting and protecting activities. You can do so in many ways, including:

  • Share your pest concerns with us. Then, share what you learned with your friends.
  • Follow us on Twitter and friend us on Facebook. You’ll get new updates regularly about Inspect and Protect Week activities.
  • Download our children’s book or activities to educate young pest detectives, too.
  • View videos about what to look for in and around your home.

We look forward to inspecting and protecting with you this year!

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