Month: May 2012

Stay Vigilant for Ticks All Summer Long

While Lyme Disease Awareness Month (May) may be coming to an end soon, tick season is merely just beginning. Read through some previous tick posts below to learn more about how to protect yourself and your loved ones this summer! Control Ticks to Control Lyme Disease Trivia Thursday: How much do you REALLY know about … Continued

A Mild Winter Means More Fair Weather Foes

Written by: Robin L. Tabuchi, Research Entomologist, University of California, Berkeley. For many of us across America, the winter was mild, especially here in California. My two dogs loved this warmer weather because it meant more hikes, visits to the beach and impromptu stops at the dog park. Although it was certainly appealing to enjoy … Continued

Top Cleaning and Pruning Pointers for Your Lawn and Garden

Written by Kelli Howland Have you noticed the days getting longer? Have you slipped outside without a jacket, as you see the sky brighten? In most areas, the thermometer is not dipping quite as low at night and it’s not just you and the neighbors noticing. Spring is in full bloom … and your yard … Continued

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