Top Cleaning and Pruning Pointers for Your Lawn and Garden

Written by Kelli Howland

Have you noticed the days getting longer? Have you slipped outside without a jacket, as you see the sky brighten? In most areas, the thermometer is not dipping quite as low at night and it’s not just you and the neighbors noticing. Spring is in full bloom … and your yard knows it!

Invest a little extra time now to ensure more relaxation and fewer headaches during the growing season. Here are few pointers to help your yard and garden look its very best:


  • Have any leftover leaves or debris piles from the winter or early spring storms? Unless the pile is your compost pile, clean it up. Leftover piles can harbor pests or diseases, such as mildews and fungus.
  • Clean and sharpen tools. Review your clippers, loppers and even your lawn mower. Clean debris and grime that builds up on tools, and take time to sterilize tools with a simple household cleaner, such as Lysol, Pine Sol or even rubbing alcohol to eliminate the spread of disease that may be lingering. Allow tools to dry or wipe off excess before proceeding. Clean the underside of lawn mowers to prevent spreading any weed seeds trapped under there from last year. (Also a good practice when loaning or borrowing mowers.)


  • Grab your pruners and remove any damage, such as broken and split branches, from trees and shrubs.
  • Ground covers like Jasmine and Hypericum can be mowed down if they are becoming too tall, but wait to do so after the last risk of frost has passed.
  • Cut back ground covers and shrubs that were frost burnt during the winter.

 Kelli Howland currently manages the landscape maintenance of properties in Northern California for ValleyCrest Companies.

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