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Real Simple’s Guide to Bugs

Real Simple recently wrote an article titled “Bug-Repelling Basics-Protect yourself with this guide to outsmarting the biggest buzz kills.” It highlighted important tips when it comes to pest control and reminded us that it’s important to understand your enemy. Take the time to learn about where bugs lurk, what they love, and how you can … Continued

Save That Yard with Peter’s Landscaping Tips for Homeowners

Debug the Myths was back in the Tampa Bay area this week to save the yard of Donald Chatman. Mr. Chatman, a Wesley Chapel resident and former Marine, described his yard as “coyote ugly” when he entered pictures online for a chance to win a complete makeover. His “desperate” yard has since been transformed, thanks … Continued

“The only way to take those weeds out for good is with pesticides”

Media coverage about pesticide bans in Canada is popping up like the dandelions are popping up in the resident’s yards. Recent articles in the Guelph Mercury and the National Post give insight on how quickly yards are going from green to yellow and how weeds are uncontrollable without the option of using effective herbicide products. … Continued

Attention Florida Homeowners!

The Florida State Senate is considering a bill (Senate Bill 382), which would limit the authority of individual municipalities to ban the sale of lawn and landscape fertilizers. This is an opportunity for Florida to pass science-based urban fertilizer regulation,  and prevent localities from passing fertilizer bans not backed by science, such as the one … Continued

Celebrate Earth Day with Debug the Myths!

Celebrate Earth Day at home by sprucing up your own green space! Part of contributing to our environment is properly taking care of our lawns, outdoor spaces and community playgrounds and parks for the enjoyment of our families and communities. Debug the Myths has a few suggestions on how to recognize the meaning of Earth … Continued

How golf courses prepare for the season’s rush

Dr. John Stier, Environmental Turfgrass Extension Specialist, Professor and Chair of the Dept. of Horticulture-University of Wisconsin, Madison. The PGA season has begun and people who live in temporal climates are itching to get back on the course, but it’s still too cold. Ever wonder what golf courses do when they’re covered in snow or the ground … Continued

How to control winter weeds

Dr. John Stier, Environmental Turfgrass Extension Specialist, Professor and Chair of the Dept. of Horticulture-University of Wisconsin, Madison. Winter weather alone doesn’t solve all your weed problems. Most winter weeds are known as winter annuals, which germinate from seeds in the fall, stop growing in the spring and flower shortly before they die.  (In the South winter annuals … Continued

What about pruning your trees and shrubs during winter?

Cathie Lavis is a professor of horticulture at Kansas State University. Her expertise includes landscaping, arboriculture, irrigation, and landscape contracting. She provides insight for homeowners and gardeners on plant care, selection, and more. Although the removal of dead, damaged or diseased branches and stems can be done anytime during the year, there are better times … Continued

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