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Educators Ready to Welcome Students, but not Pests Back to School

While schools are eager to welcome back students this fall, they are already working to create an unwelcome environment for insects, rodents, weeds, and other pests. As allergens from rodents like cockroaches are a significant cause of asthma in children[i], and bites from insects like ticks carry disease[ii], a strategic approach to managing pests is … Continued

Keeping IPM Tools Available

Written by: Bobby Kossowicz, mother of two, Branchburg, New Jersey Having spent 15 years in the pest control industry I am a bit more on guard when it comes to pests than your average mom. I have talked to moms devastated by Lyme disease and homeowners stricken with unrelenting bills due to pest damage, and … Continued

Don’t Swat the Stingers

Written by: Robin L. Tabuchi, Research Entomologist, University of California, Berkeley. I have always been curious about insects. When I was little, I loved catching them and observing their behavior. Now that I have my own child, I love seeing the fascination in his eyes every time he spots an insect. No matter what he … Continued

Cockroaches in School = More Allergens

Did you know cockroaches raise the allergen load in the air? This isn’t good for air quality, but it’s especially problematic for children with asthma. As the nation’s youth heads back to school this month and next, it’s important that administrators, teachers and parents are aware of the reasons why proper integrated pest management (IPM) … Continued

The Battle of the Bed Bug

You’ve all heard about them—bed bugs—those sneaky, near-microscopic bugs that hitch a ride into your home uninvited and cause all kinds of mischief. This past year, bed bugs have taken up residence in homes, hotels, and businesses across the United States. Los Angeles and other west-coast metropolitan areas are no exception. While New York City … Continued

Lyme Disease is Taking a Toll

As autumn approaches, many people are excited to spend time outdoors with family, friends, and pets, enjoying rays of sunshine and cool breezes.  However, before you run outside, spend some time to get educated about the risks of tick-borne illnesses, especially Lyme disease.  Residents of the Northeast should be on high-alert, due to high populations … Continued

Step four: Don’t forget the bug spray!

 If you’re prone to frequent mosquito bites, then you may be familiar with The Five D’s step number four: defend yourself with an effective mosquito repellent. Using a mosquito repellent is an effective and safe way to keep mosquitoes away when working and playing outdoors. When selecting a mosquito repellent you should keep a few … Continued

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