Termites, bedbugs, and more! – Orchard Supply Hardware

Second stop, Orchard Supply Hardware in Modesto!  Rollin’ up Debug the Myths style, RISE spent the afternoon at OSH educating consumers about the importance of lawn maintenance and pest control.

This event served as a one-stop-shop for consumers to get questions answered and to obtain educational information about common household issues, such as termites, bedbugs, and ticks.

Local pest control specialists, Robin Tabuchi, University of California at Berkeley, and Karen Robb, Target Specialty, were onsite to answer California-specific questions from consumers who wanted to more information.

A big hit at this event was Robin’s termite display, which included real termites!  Both adults and children were highly engaged and interested to learn how to prevent termite infestations and what to do once there is a problem. 

Visitors to the event included homeowners and professionals seeking answers about pesticides and fertilizers. RISE was able to provide the answers consumers needed to help solve their pest challenges in their home and lawn.

A big thanks goes out to the management and employees of OSH in Modesto. RISE also greatly thanks Robin and Karen for committing their afternoon to promoting consumer education regarding these issues!

Stay tuned for more updates on Debug The West!

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