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Score the Perfect Playing Surface & Find Your Turf

Remember that feeling when you step on the soccer field for the first game of the season? Or dive in the grass to catch a fly ball? Or watch your kids run through the grass on one of the last warm days of fall? We need more places to run, compete, get dirty, learn from … Continued

Grass stains, yes. Turf burns, no.

In the coming weeks, soccer players will take to the field for the spring season – full of hope for a winning season and grass stains to prove it. Soccer is a sport with pounding contact between player and turf. This makes natural turf playing fields the key to keeping players healthy and giving them … Continued

Trick-or-Treat: Keep Treats Safe and Tricky Pests Out

Halloween is around the corner bringing with it cooler weather, spooky decorations, kids in costumes, and lots of candy. Spider and cobweb decorations, plastic rats, bats, and more are fun and festive, but the real pests are not if they make their way into your home. RISE (Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment) ® has tips … Continued

Going for the Green

I may be exchanging my title of “co-captain” for “fan” of the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team this year, but what hasn’t changed is my passion for making soccer and natural grass surfaces available to athletes of all levels and ages. Women’s soccer, even at the national and international level, doesn’t always have the benefit of … Continued

Real Grass for the Win

Still fresh from the exhilaration of the U.S. Women’s Soccer team Women’s World Cup win, it’s easy to look back and think only of the highlights. The incredible saves, that amazing goal from midfield, those last few seconds when you were sure the team won—those are definitely moments to remember. But we shouldn’t forget about … Continued

For the Love of the Game

I was four years old when I first started playing soccer. Back then, I never thought it would be a career. I couldn’t imagine the sport would take me to see the world, or that I would represent my country on the United States women’s team. Way back then, it was all about the thrill … Continued

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