Hit the Natural Turf Running

Imagine this: a perfectly manicured field, the day is just warm enough and a soccer ball is at your feet. The ref blows the whistle. You watch as the ball slides perfectly across the top of the grass. Game on.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of real grass. The ball bounces just right, your feet are given just enough cushion and it makes for a worry-free day of play. In fact, natural turf is so beloved by players and professional athletes that only one major international soccer tournament has not been played on real grass.

And this doesn’t apply to just soccer— football, lacrosse, field hockey and golf are just a few sports that are best played on natural turf.

To encourage safer play this summer, we’re sharing a few reasons why athletes are choosing to run, kick & roll on natural grass surfaces – and you should, too:

  • Less impact, more play: With less pounding and impact on the athlete’s muscles and joints, athletes’ bodies can take on extended play time thanks to a well-kept natural turf surface.
  • Natural cushion: Most athletes would tell you they would take a fall on the grass over a turf burn any day. Well-maintained athletic fields with natural grass create a softer landing surface for any field sport and helps prevent injuries. In a recent study conducted by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) football league, they found that knee and ACL injury rates significantly increased during competitions played on artificial playing fields.  
  • The cool option: Especially in the summer heat, grass is a cool option for the whole family. Whether you’re playing or on the sideline cheering, you’ll be thankful for a natural grass surface. Natural turf regulates heat more effectively and the soil can maintain temperatures of nearly 20 degrees cooler than other surfaces.

And with the help of the Integrated Pest Management system, or IPM, it doesn’t have to difficult to maintain a natural grass surface for athletes to play on all summer long.

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