Score the Perfect Playing Surface & Find Your Turf

Remember that feeling when you step on the soccer field for the first game of the season? Or dive in the grass to catch a fly ball? Or watch your kids run through the grass on one of the last warm days of fall?

We need more places to run, compete, get dirty, learn from losses and celebrate victories.

Outdoor playing fields – often called “turf” – are more important than ever in a time where screens take up more of our daily downtime, and 30 million kids and teens don’t spend enough time outside, let alone get the recommended one hour of activity every day.

Healthy kids need playtime; and, therefore, they also need places to play. Places where athletes of all ages and abilities can play hard, and play safe. Playing surface is one part of sports that doesn’t always earn the attention it deserves, but makes a difference for the players on the field. That’s why we’re bringing attention to the importance of natural, and #MyTurf.

We know turf and athletic field maintenance, but our partnership with Abby Wambach, 2015 World Cup champion and former co-captain and forward for the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team, has fueled our passion for natural turf playing fields. Over the years, Abby has been a vocal advocate for the softer, safer play natural turf provides, and we’re on her team!

“When playing on a natural surface, you’re not worried about how the game will change,” said Wambach. “It’s meant to be played on the softer, safer surface natural turf provides, and I’d rather have grass stains over turf burns any day.”

During recent interviews, she highlighted the importance of natural turf and its effect on play for athletes of all field sports. Here’s a look at what Abby said athletes and their parents should know before stepping out on the field:

  1. Natural turf means safer play: Our kids deserve a softer, safer surface to play – the type of fields where we played growing up.
  2. An integrated game plan: Natural turf is real grass maintained through an integrated maintenance plan.
  3. Healthy athletes need a healthy field: Natural turf offers thick, reliable play, and helps keep athletes safe, so they can enjoy the game for a long time.

To us, #MyTurf means more than just a healthy field. It means an ideal playing surface where the ball rolls true for 90 minutes. A field that provides less impact and more play. It means you, the ball and the game-winning goal. It means possibility, freedom and hallowed ground.

We found our turf. Now, it’s time to find yours.

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