Are you hosting unwanted guests?

As the weather has turned cooler in many parts of the country, bugs and critters seek shelter in warm, cozy homes just like yours. In addition to annoyance and making your skin crawl, many of these pest also pose real health risks to you and your family.

The purpose of is to help you be well-informed about the best ways to protect your family and home from pests of both the insect and plant variety. In addition, we will be offering applicable, easy-to-understand advice on how to maintain your home and lawn, creating a fun, enjoyable indoor and outdoor environment for your family.

This blog is where you’ll find many of those tips and insights. We’ll feature thoughts from various experts on maintaining the health of your lawn and landscape, protecting your pets from fleas and ticks, seasonal weed and bug problems, and more.

But this communication shouldn’t be a one-way street. We want to hear from you. Post a comment or submit a question that’s “bugging” you, and we’ll be happy to try to help.

Thanks for stopping by. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

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