New Website: Drs4Pets

Melissa Brookshire, DVM, runs North River Enterprises and provides consulting services on pet food and animal health companies while balancing her life as a mom of two active boys. A graduate of the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine, Melissa owned and operated a multi-species veterinary hospital with her husband before starting her consulting business.

Debug the Myths blog contributor and veterinarian Melissa Brookshire has partnered with a collective of diverse animal professionals on a new endeavor. Drs4Pets is a site dedicated to the everyday pet parent with features, articles and Q & A’s in easy to understand language.

Easy to navigate, the new site is equipped with an Ask the Experts section for your own questions. From pet and pesticide safety to animal behavior, Drs4Pets is ready with the experience and ability to answer all of your pet questions and take care of the needs of you and your furry friends.

Be sure to check out her article on “Are Pesticides Safe to Use Around My Pets?

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