Home Depot Gift Card Giveaway Winners Announced!

Did you know that you can win a $250 Home Depot Gift Card just for visiting debugthemyths.com? Four lucky visitors have been selected as the winners  of our first gift card giveaway! David Christiansen of White Plains, NY, Amy Rountree of St. Petersburg, Fla., Elizabeth Brace-Cambria of Buffalo, NY, and Dolly Magarik-Rosinsky of Albany, NY, chose to stay up-to-date on how to keep their home and lawn pest-free and were chosen randomly to receive $250 for a  Home Depot shopping spree.

Surprised in NY

Mr. Christiansen was so surprised to receive a gift card, he had hardly considered what to do with the money. Luckily, thanks to the expertise of Home Depot, he and his family will have no problem using some of our best lawn care tips. The Christiansens have a fairly well-kept lawn and have thankfully had few pest problems, but they understand even well-maintained homes can develop problems. Prevention is key along with understanding different pests.

Thrilled New Homeowner

As a new homeowner, Mrs. Rountree was thrilled with her selection. An attendee at Debug the Myths events in Tampa, Rountree said, “This is perfect as we just bought this house and have some things we’d like to do. I would love to be able to use some of this money to start my own garden in our backyard. We learned about the not so harmful insecticides and fertilizers at the Tampa Home Show that would be very beneficial in our yard and garden.”

Protecting Pets

Pet lover Dolly Magarik-Rosinsky knows the importance of using pesticides properly to keep dogs safe. “I need appropriate weed killer to work well with respect to my dogs on the property as I don’t want to jeopardize their health.  The weeds need to be controlled in my paver patio,” said Mrs. Magarik-Rosinsky. Pests such as weeds, fleas, ticks and other insects can pose many risks to animals, so it’s important to how to keep pets safe.

You can never learn too much about how to properly and safely control pests so check in often and sign up for our next giveaway. You could be one of the lucky winners featured in a blog this fall!

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