Day 2: Study and Prepare

After investigating your home for potential pest problems, this next step is all about arming yourself with knowledge about the problems you have identified.  Here, you will want to study the problems you found while investigating and prepare to solve those problems. .

By studying and preparing, you’re not only learning about the pests in your home, but also about the damage they can cause to your health and home.

What type of pests are they? What are these specific pests attracted to in your home?  How did they get in? How do you get rid of them?  What are your options? You will want to ask and answer these questions in order to prepare to solve your pest problems.  This means finding brochures and information from your local lawn and garden store and even doing your own research on the Internet.

There are several resources available at our website,, that will aid in the studying and preparation step.  On the website, you can look up answers to your pest problems, ask questions of professionals, and even submit pictures and descriptions of unknown pests in your home for an expert to identify. Another great resource for learning about particular pest problems is

The research you do during the study and prepare stage is critical to finding the answers to your pesky pest problems so you can find an elimination solution that is suitable for you. Watch Janet’s video on studying and preparing here.

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