Day 5: Treat!

Today is the last day of National Inspect and Protect Week, so it’s time to treat for any problems you’ve found and to be ready for any future problems. In order for the INSPECT acronym to most effectively help you solve your pest problems, all of the steps must work together. For example, if you only treat for a current pest problem, pests are going to continue to find ways to come into your home or live in your yard. Alternatively, if you only eliminate entryways, the current pest problem will continue to grow. Make an effort to be a pest detective once a month, or once a week, so that you have the time to study your situation and deal with problems.

When it comes to treating for a current pest problem, remember there are many tools in the pest management toolbox. If you have an insect or weed problem, the proper pesticide or fertilizer is an integral part of the solution. Just remember to use all products according to the label directions. If you need help or do not have time to make the application yourself, calling a pest management or lawn and landscape professional is a good alternative to a do-it-yourself solution.

For more information about choosing the correct products and using those products properly, click here. And don’t forget to watch Janet’s video with tips for treating for pest problems.

Thanks for taking the time to inspect and protect your home during this very important week. Please remember that if you missed any of the previous steps, you can read through previous blogs, watch our resident expert’s videos, or visit for resources to help you solve those pesky pest problems!

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