Don’t Let Creepy Crawlies Give You the Heebie-Jeebies this Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, many of us will be looking for spooky decorations for our home.  Halloween favorites include the traditional spiders and cobwebs, rats, bats and more, but while these plastic decorations welcome trick-or-treaters and show holiday spirit, the real pests aren’t so welcoming.

Just as trick-or-treaters will flock to your door in search of candy to fill their pillow cases, so too will unwanted pests seek shelter and a share of those sugary morsels.  In all of the Halloween festivities and excitement, it is often easy for us to forget about the other house guests we might be ushering in.  This holiday can be the perfect time for pests to take advantage of frequently opening doors and a multitude of sweet treats around the house; so it is important to be aware of these pests, and to think about ways to prevent their entry.

To make sure those spiders, mice, roaches and other creepy crawlies aren’t welcome in your home, remember to keep all food and sweets stored in air-tight containers.  Your kids may be excited to come home and dump their candy bags out on the living room floor to count their collection, but pests may see this as an opportunity to stash some sugar and have a feast ready for the winter.

Our handy checklist is an excellent resource to help you learn how to thoroughly inspect and protect your home and yard from these unwelcome pests; and to keep the spirit going, educate your children about creepy crawly household intruders with some of the Debug the Myths kid’s activities.  Here you will find coloring pages, a children’s book, a word find and mazes that will be the perfect complements to your family’s fun-filled Halloween weekend!

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