National Play Outside Day

When’s the last time you played outside? Kicked around a soccer ball? Went to the local park?  Took a hike? If it’s been too long, here’s an excuse to get outdoors. Beginning April 2, National Play Outside Day will be observed the first Saturday of every month. This day will encourage children and adults to get outside and have fun.

Now, don’t just think about how you’re planning to play outside. Think about where you’ll be playing, too. Playgrounds, baseball and soccer fields, parks, and, if you’re lucky, your own backyard add to outside enjoyment. We all emotionally respond to green open spaces – but, it’s also important to know that healthy grass helps reduce dust and runoff by keeping soil and dirt where it belongs.  Important features when you’re kicking the soccer ball with the kids or playing with your dog.

To prepare for all of the outdoor fun, make sure your lawn and local parks are in good condition to encourage outdoor play and provide a surface with good traction and a softer landing.

To find out more information about National Play Outside Day, such as suggestions for outside activities and ways to help promote the day, visit See you outside on April 2!

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