Team Up to Clean Up – The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Sacramento

Debug the West has officially begun. First stop, the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Sacramento!  On Friday, June 10, RISE teamed up with local landscaper, John Williams from Terra Care & Associates and local vector control specialist, Luz Maria Rodriguez from the Sacramento Yolo Mosquito and Vector Control District, to help members of the Boys & Girls Club freshen the club’s outdoor spaces, while educating them about how to be safe from potentially harmful pests in their environment.

Not only was this event fun, but it was also educational! Through several hands-on activities at the club, members were actively involved in digging, fertilizing, and planting dozens of native plant species, such as vines, shrubs, and flowers. Members of the club’s “Garden Club” honed in on their skills and gardening knowledge, and for other members of the club, it was their first time with a shovel and gloves.

In addition the gardening activity, Luz was onsite to host an interactive presentation on vector control. Mosquitoes thrive in the warm summer weather, and it is important that children understand that these little bugs can cause more than just annoying bites. Members of the club learned how to protect themselves and their homes from mosquitoes, while learning about the deadly West Nile virus, which in 2010, had 111 reported cases in California.

A big thanks goes out to Terra Care & Associates and the Sacramento Yolo Mosquito and Vector Control District for helping to facilitate this program—your knowledge and expertise was well-received by everyone in attendance.

Also, thank you to Felicia and Tyler from the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Sacramento for assisting with arrangements and all of the Boys & Girls Club members for their hard work!

Stay tuned for more updates on Debug The West!

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