Want a mosquito free yard? Step one: Drain all standing water

Want a mosquito-free yard? Step one: Drain all standing water

The time is here! This week we’re recognizing American Mosquito Control Association’s National Mosquito Control Week.  Each day this week we’ll be posting one step you can take for better mosquito control. By the end of the week, you’ll have “The Five D’s” – of mosquito control to keep family and pets mosquito free.

So, what’s step number one? DRAIN all standing water.

Mosquitoes use water as a breeding ground to hatch and develop their eggs. Whether it’s a tiny amount of water in the saucers under flowerpots or your dog’s bowl on the patio, mosquitoes flock to standing water.  Here are some key areas that you’ll want to check for standing water:

  • Lawn ornaments: birdbaths, saucers under flowerpots, garden ornamental pools
  • Toys: unused kid’s pools, pets’ watering dishes, play toys, boats, canoes, tire swings
  • Tools: buckets, tarps, wheelbarrows
  • Around the house: air conditioning units, flat roofs, rain gutters, pipes, plastic sheeting
  • Swimming Pools: pool covers

Taking the time to check around your home and lawn could make all the difference in enjoying a mosquito-free summer. Do you have other tips for places to check for standing water?Let us know by posting a comment. We’d love to hear from you!

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