Step three: Dressing right for mosquito control

Tired of having itchy mosquito bites all over your legs and arms? The clothes you wear during your time outdoors plays a role in the number of mosquitoes you’ll come across.

The third step in The Five D’s is to DRESS appropriately in long sleeves and pants.

While you may be tempted to beat the heat during the hot summer months by wearing shorts and sleeveless shirts, protecting your arms and legs is important in preventing mosquito bites. Dressing in lightweight, long sleeve shirts, pants and socks could make a big difference.

For master gardeners or lawn care professionals, keeping as much skin covered as possible is important; tucking in your shirt and your pant legs into socks will decrease mosquito-skin contact.

Mosquitoes tend to be drawn to darker colors and heavier fabrics. Wearing lighter colors and softer fabrics will decrease your chances of being bitten.

While it may be inconvenient at times, dressing appropriately is important to keeping your family and self mosquito-bite free.

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