Protect your family from tick transmitted deadly virus

Are you a local of Minnesota? A fan of being outdoors? Prone to tick bites? Make sure you know all the necessary information about diseases and illnesses cause by ticks before heading outdoors, including the Powassan virus.

The Minnesota Department of Health announced a death related to the Powassan virus which is carried by ticks, on Wednesday, June 29.  Read the full article from the Winona Daily News.

The Powassan virus is transmitted by the same tick that carries Lymes disease. It is unknown how long a tick must be attached to an individual in order to transmit the disease. The virus affects the central nervous system and can cause inflammation of the brain and meningitis. To learn more about the Powassan virus visit the Minnesota Department of Health.

Fewer than 60 cases of the Powassan virus have been reported in the United States since 1958. However, you can never take too many precautions to keep you and your family safe.

In order to keep your family safe from tick-borne illnesses, health officials recommend using tick repellant and wearing long-sleeved pants and shirts when outdoors.

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