Keeping out unwanted holiday house guests

From cookies and pies to family members and long-lost friends, we all enjoy what the holidays can bring. Unfortunately, holidays and the cold weather can also bring unwanted house guests into your home: PESTS!

Andrea Vogt with Target Specialty Products and a Debug the Myths spokeswoman, recently appeared on Sacramento & Company to talk about things homeowners should be doing in and around their home this holiday season to protect themselves, their families, and their property from pests.

Pests are looking for warmth and food sources as soon as the temperature goes down. Homeowners should follow the INSPECT acronym to identify, solve, and prevent pest problems.

Andrea focused on certain pests that cause a lot of problems during the holiday season. Check to see if you’re having any of the problems below:

  • Cockroaches – They can spread salmonella in our food and are an asthma irritant for kids.
  • Rodents and silverfish – Hiding in your attic or crawl space with all of your Christmas decorations.
  • Weeds – Fertilizing in the fall is the key to having healthy grass in the spring and decreasing weed pressures.

If you want to view Andrea’s full interview with Sacramento & Company, click here.

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