Trivia Thursday: How much do you REALLY know about crickets?

Chirp, chirp! We’ve got crickets on the brain for today’s trivia post. Find out how cricket savvy you are by reading below.

Crickets have the capabilities to identify temperature. True or False?

True. Want to know the temperature yet don’t have access to technology? In a pinch, you could listen to nearby crickets to assess the current temperature. Studies have shown that Fahrenheit temperature can be determined by the rate of cricket chirps. The chirps become faster as the temperature rises, and slower as it falls. In 1897, a professor by the name of A.E. Dolbear created an equation to display this.

T = 50 + [(N-40)/4]

T = temperature

N = number of chirps/minute

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Crickets are known to be bad luck. True or False?

False. In fact, crickets are known to foretell good luck! Those who hear crickets “sing” are considered very blessed. In many countries, a cricket may be treated like a guest when it enters a home. Certain cultures provide the cricket with food, water and its own place to call home. While the typical lifespan of a cricket is one year, some believe giving the cricket a home will increase its lifespan. Consequently, the longer the cricket lives, the more perceived luck its owner will have!

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