Celebrate National Picnic Month (Without the Pests)

Ah, summertime. July is National Picnic Month and a great time to get out and enjoy a relaxing, outdoor picnic with families and friends. Unfortunately, certain uninvited guests — ants, mosquitoes, and ticks — can sometimes crash the festivities. Read on to see how you can prevent these pesky pests from ruining your scenic soirée!


With more than 12,000 species across the world, no outdoor venue lacks these six-legged pests. So how do you keep them from marching one-by-one into your next picnic?

Wipe down your picnic table with soap and water to rid the area of leftover food that alerts ants to your location. Also, make sure to set up far away from any existing ant hills!


These unwanted guests often arrive at your site as dusk approaches. Precautions are crucial with mosquitoes as many carry West Nile.

Encourage guests to use insect repellent on exposed skin and outer clothing to deter both mosquito bites and ticks.


These difficult-to-detect bloodsuckers can transmit harmful diseases, such as Lyme disease, in less than a minute. Have guests wear protective clothing, avoid areas with heavy, unkempt brush and consider using chairs and fun picnic tables instead of sitting on the ground. Afterward, you and your fellow picnickers should inspect one another for ticks.

Outsmart the pesky picnic intruders, and you’ll want to continue dining al fresco all season long. For more information about controlling pests, contact your nearest vector control district.

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