Ballpark Mosquito Prevention: Don’t leave yourself unprotected

Photo Credit:, Fenway Baseball Game
Photo Credit:, Fenway Baseball Game

Baseball is one of America’s favorite pastime activities – and for good reason. The ballpark atmosphere brings back memories with families and friends of homeruns celebrated and games won. From the major leagues to the sandlot, baseball fields are also a common place to find mosquitoes that may carry West Nile virus. Evening games can be particularly concerning as mosquitoes can be most prevalent at dusk.

This summer, using repellants or pest-prevention products to reduce the threat of mosquito bites can be as important as applying sunscreen toprotect from sunburn to ultimately keep families healthy and safe. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recognizes the need for DEET concentrated spray repellants as well as avoiding peak mosquito breeding and flying locations – and times of the day.

Protect the entire team

Pack a mosquito bite prevention kit to travel with you, especially to the baseball field. The kit containing all non-perishable items can be stored easily in the car or in a sports bag. This ensures you will always have access to the right protection at a moment’s notice. Following are a few items to include in your kit:

Mosquito Bite Prevention Kit




  • DEET repellant. The active ingredient in products that protect you from mosquitoes is DEET. Researchers who have evaluated the impact of DEET find it to be safe and effective for pest prevention and can even be used by your younger baseball players and fans.
  • Pack extra gear. An exciting game goes into extra innings and dusk is lurking; you can prevent pests and cover exposed skin. Bring a long-sleeve tee shirt and pair of pants in case you need to add clothing as dusk approaches.
  • Hand sanitizer. Experts suggest you wash hands directly after you eat to ensure you’re not attracting any unwanted pests.
  • Avoid sitting in grass. Damp grass attracts mosquitoes and can put you in the midst of the pests. Always pack a chair to avoid putting yourself in harm’s way.


Effective preventative treatments to outdoor areas help reduce the presence of biting adult mosquitoes and their larvae. Select the right product for your needs and always read and follow all label directions when using repellents and pest control products. For more information on staying safe from mosquitoes and other harmful pests, visit and join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

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