Day 5: Treat

As NIAP Week wraps-up today, we want to remind you that preventative, proactive, and most importantly proper Treatment all play a key role in keeping pests under control. An Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach manages pests by using all the tools in the pest control toolbox, including maintenance, monitoring, and Treating any issues that may arise.

When the situation calls for it, the judicious and targeted use of pesticides can provide effective management of pest and weed populations. But always remember to read and follow all label directions before using the product.

For more information on Treating pest problems, visit and watch extension specialist Janet Hurley’s video for expert pointers on treating your home (NIAP Day 5: Treat). Remember to follow the INSPECT (INvestigate, Study and Prepare, Eliminate, Clean and Treat) process for taking strategic approaches in identifying, controlling and preventing against unwanted pests.

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