Score Your Perfect Lawn

The World Cup captured the world’s attention over the last few weeks, but one of the main players may have been overlooked – the field.

Many sports fans (and lawn care enthusiasts) were so focused on their team’s game they failed to notice the thick, weed-free turf field. Turf may seem like a sideline topic, but it provides a number of benefits including greater traction for athletes, better playing surfaces, and cushion for any falls or injuries.

All the principles applied on the professional field can be applied to “fields” at home too.

Your lawn should not be the biggest upset of the summer. RISE (Responsible Industry for Sound Environment)® and International Expert on Sports Turf Grass Management and Founder of Growing Innovations Jerad Minnick want you to achieve your winning lawn and become your own “Backyard Boss” with the following healthy turf tips:

  1. Stay hydrated: Water is crucial for quality performance on and off of the field. Try to water your lawn between 4 a.m. and 6 a.m. to minimize excess moisture and allow it to dry all day. Applying water at night can extend the amount of time the grass stays wet, making your lawn more susceptible to disease.
  2. Slim down: Get your lawn into shape. Remember the three main factors that contribute to proper mowing: mowing height, frequency, and equipment maintenance.
  3. Maintain a balanced diet: Proper fertilization leads to a healthy lawn. Grass needs certain nutrients in order to perform at its peak just as the players do. Feed your grass what it needs to stay healthy and safe for the family, kids, and pets to play on.
  4. Keep your head in the game: Pay attention and know the game plan. Score the perfect lawn by reading and following all label directions when using outdoor control products.
  5. Leave it all on the field: When grass clippings are left on the lawn, they can restore nutrients to the soil and reduce the amount of fertilizer needed.

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About RISE

Located in Washington, D.C., RISE is the national association representing the manufacturers, formulators, distributors, and other industry leaders involved with pesticide and fertilizer products used in vector control, pest control, turf, ornamental, aquatic and terrestrial vegetation, and other non-food/fiber applications. Learn more about RISE at

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