Local Boys & Girls Club Members Become Ecosystem Defenders

Boys & Girls Club members participating in beautification efforts.
Boys & Girls Club members participating in beautification efforts.

RISE (Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment)® teamed up with the Knudson Boys & Girls Club of Salem and the Meyer Memorial Boys & Girls Club of Portland to provide club members with the opportunity to learn more about the delicate balance of the ecosystem in which they live, and the impact that insects, particularly pollinators, and invasive weeds have on that balance.

Beautification efforts were one of the many core activities that took place last month in Oregon. The beautification project included planting pollinator-friendly flowers, provided by RISE, at both clubs in order to give each outdoor space a fresh look. The activity gave club members the opportunity to learn more about maintaining outdoor spaces and the relationship between native and invasive species. Boys & Girls Club members took ownership of the maintenance and beautification of their club by participating in the landscaping efforts.

In addition to learning about ecosystems and planting, a special appearance was made by the “Super Bee” mascot, who taught members how to promote pollinator health and understand the important role pollinators play in an ecosystem by pollinating plants that produce food and keep gardens growing.

RISE offers the following ways anyone can help contribute to pollinator health:

  • Plant native flora. Growing native flowers and plants will adapt better to where you live and provide a familiar food source to local pollinators.
  • Include diverse flower colors and fragrances in your garden. Bees are especially attracted to flowers in shades of purple, blue, white and yellow, while butterflies like red and purple.
  • Provide water and sun. Pollinators love visiting a sunny location with a source of fresh water nearby.
  • Read and follow label instructions. “Bee” responsible by always reading and following all label instructions when using any pesticide product. Make sure to choose the right product for your problem, and apply it correctly.
  • Plant generously. A large amount of flowers is more attractive to pollinators than single plants.

For more information, visit https://www.debugthemyths.com/community-programs/backyard-boss/ and join in the conversation on Twitter @DebugtheMyths or on Facebook at facebook.com/DebugtheMyths.

About RISE

Located in Washington, D.C., RISE is the national association representing the manufacturers, formulators, distributors and other industry leaders involved with pesticide and fertilizer products used in vector control, turf, ornamental, pest control, aquatic and terrestrial vegetation and other non-food/fiber applications.  Learn more about RISE at www.debugthemyths.com.

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