5 Ways to Love Your Lawn

Relationships take work, and the one with your lawn is no exception. It takes the same quality time, attention and love any other relationship does to be successful. So what about spending some of the $116 the average American spends on Valentine’s Day to treat your lawn? RISE (Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment)® is sharing tips to help you love your lawn so it will love you back.

Set a mowing date.








Schedule your mows once a week, but be careful not to cut your lawn too short. This may seem like a tall order, so just remember to avoid cutting more than one-third of the blade of grass at a time.

Plant seeds that will love you back.







Go with native varieties when introducing new plants to your landscaping. Evict invasive imposters that can cause an undue strain on your relationship.

Treat your lawn to the full course meal it deserves.

Fertilizer pellets spraying from spreader







Green grass starts with adding nutrients naturally and using fertilizer to supplement the necessities. A properly fertilized and maintained lawn can prevent weeds on its own, but pesticides used according to label directions can control weeds before they try to tear your relationship apart.

Toast to your perfect lawn.






A good long drink is better than a few short ones. On average, you should deep water your lawn once a week early in the morning. Knowing the type of grass and its love language can help you determine how much and how often you should water.

In the end, you’re better together.








Like any relationship, you’re better off working as a team. Using pesticides and fertilizers can help you and your lawn achieve the balanced, healthy green grass your heart desires.

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