Recognizing Professional Contributions During National Lawn Care Month

April marks the first true month of spring with warmer weather in many places and, appropriately, National Lawn Care Month. RISE (Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment)® is taking the opportunity to celebrate the people who help keep our outdoor spaces healthy and play-friendly. Each week, RISE will recognize professionals in the green industry who will share their passion and knowledge of the business, and tell us what their job means to them as well as our families and communities.

From personal experiences and helpful tips, these professionals will also uncover common misconceptions and point to resources to help better understand the benefits of a healthy, well-maintained lawn. We hope these conversations with passionate professionals will instill appreciation for well-maintained outdoor spaces and renew excitement about the great outdoors.

For more information about National Lawn Care Month and tips on how to love your lawn, join the conversation on social with the hashtag #LawnCareMonth and follow @DebugtheMyths or like Debug the Myths.

Categories: Outdoor
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