Industry Spotlight: Eric Wenger of Complete Lawn Care, Inc.

Eric Wenger is known within his business to wear many hats. From customer service to teaching and training, Eric has had his hands in many aspects of the lawn care industry. After he finished high school, Eric was looking for a job where he could spend a majority of his time outside. This desire led him to the world of lawn care and landscaping, and he has been here ever since. Many people who know Eric would describe him as passionate, and not just for anything, but for the people and the industry that make our outdoor spaces places to be proud of and call home.

For more than three decades, Eric has dedicated his time to the practice of environmentally-sensitive and responsible lawn and landscape care. Here’s more on Eric’s experience caring for our outdoor spaces:

What would you say is key to your success?

My drive to never stop learning has opened so many doors for me. Often times you think you have learned everything there is to know, but if open your mind, and your ears, you learn something new every day. Those in the lawn care industry, myself included, are constantly taking classes and attending seminars to keep ourselves in the know about what is going on in our industry. We want our customers to know that we care. Our mission is to provide the best and most innovative and professional care as we serve our customers and tend to their spaces. This is not just a priority of our industry, but as individuals in the industry. Continuing to learn and educate myself has and will continue to be directly aligned to my successes.

What is the value in taking care of your outdoor spaces?

We live in a society where large masses of people live together in smaller spaces. As our society continues to grow and develop, it is increasingly more important to create safe environment for people to live and interact with each other. Spaces free from pests that bring communities together, such as parks and fields, play a large role in how our society stays connected. We value our homes and how they create a space for us to enjoy the best parts of nature, including a nice, clean environment. These developed and well-maintained spaces allow us to feel safe, secure, and uninhibited.

What would you say is the biggest misconception of your industry?

It’s a common misconception that the green industry hurts the environment, when actually it helps and promotes healthy growth for our outdoor spaces. Grasses are good and benefit our air and our families by taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. Many people assume lawn care products are harmful, but when applied correctly and in accordance to the label, products do a lot of good for our outdoor spaces and the public health.

Those outside of the lawn care circle may also be unaware of the continuing education aspect of our industry. Lawn care professionals are focused on continuing to share learnings and are determined to promote education and professionalism throughout the industry so that consumers are receiving the best care for their outdoor spaces.

Why is lawn care important?

Lawn care is an integral part of society. Managing, monitoring, and maintaining your lawn and property helps protect the environment and gives people a safe place to live and play. Our home and outdoor space is a place where we can connect and build relationships, two of the things that make up our culture and society.


Thank you to Eric for his service and dedication to the responsible lawn and landscaping practices that make our outdoor spaces places safe and enjoyable. Learn more about Eric and Complete Lawn Care, Inc. at: or on Twitter @GrowingLawns.

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