Industry Spotlight: Larry Wilson of Lawrence Landscape Design

Small business owner and industry advocate Larry Wilson runs Lawrence Landscape Design, a full-service lawn and landscape company in Lower Westchester County, New York, where he’s able to spend a majority of his time outside expressing his creativity. While the lawn care industry could be considered an unlikely avenue for creativity, Larry found that growing and enhancing outdoor spaces was a challenge worth solving.

Gather a bit of advice from the expert himself this National Lawn Care Month:

What three things should homeowners should keep in mind when it comes to their outdoor spaces?

There is an unbelievable amount of products that make all types of claims, and it can be hard for a homeowner to sort through all of the available product options. Several factors need to be considered such as pests and weather changes to avoid making an easy job difficult.

If homeowners do find themselves in a bind, university extension services can be very helpful. Extension offices are able to provide information and resources, grounded in research, that are oftentimes specific to the homeowner’s community or state.

Homeowners also must understand the importance of reading the product label. Taking the additional time and care to know the products you are using and understand their purpose upfront will save you from any issues down the road.

What is the value in taking care of your outdoor spaces?

A neatly-kept property is going to get more attention than one that is not. Maintenance does require additional time and effort; however, this extra work will be second to the property valued gained. Not only will your house look better, it will become a space to be proud of and enjoy with your family.

What would you say is the biggest misconception of your industry for consumers?

Designing or re-designing a landscape is not as easy as it looks and can often become an overwhelming process if a homeowner is not prepared. The best thing a homeowner can do once they decide their outdoor space is in need of a makeover is to make a plan. I would recommend starting with a budget. This will help both you and the landscaper set expectations and know what is feasible. The more information you are able to share with your landscaping team, the better. Your preferences, budget, and dreams will help your landscaper bring your lawn care dream to reality.

What is the key to a healthy and well maintained outdoor space?

Attention. Homeowners have to pay attention to their lawns and look out for any signs that something is not as it should be. So often I see homeowners not following through with the necessary and proper maintenance, and it has the potential to really hurt their lawn. These spaces do not maintain themselves, so we need to make sure to give them the attention they deserve.


Thank you to Larry for his dedication to transforming all types of ordinary outdoor spaces into extraordinary landscapes. More about Larry and Lawrence Landscape Design can be found by visiting:

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