Industry Spotlight: Deven Morrill of Lucas Tree Experts

From trees to lawns and landscape, Lucas Tree Experts’ Deven Morrill cared for it all. Deven went to college to in search of his passion and found a love for the industry with the help of the Lucas Tree team. Deven turned this love into a lifelong career and now spends his days surrounded by his friends and the great outdoors. Deven is now involved in the consulting side of the business and oversees business throughout southern Maine and northern New Hampshire.

In honor of Arbor Day, Deven shares some best practices on safely maintaining a greener and healthier outdoor space:

What are a few lawn care tips homeowners should keep in mind as we approach the summer months?

The first thing homeowners should keep in mind is their mower heights. Your grass is living and breathing, and excessive mowing can remove parts of the grass that are necessary for growth and health. Less is more, in most cases, when it comes to caring for your outdoor space. For instance, just because you have a great irrigation system doesn’t mean you have to water every day. Deep watering once or twice a week is better for your lawn than seven days of shower watering.

What is the value in taking care of your outdoor spaces?

You want to feel a sense of pride when you drive into your driveway every night after a long day of work. A well-kept landscape adds to that pride and ownership and is part of the enjoyment of your biggest investment, your home. Most can agree that there is nothing better than sitting outside and enjoying a functional and safe space with your family.

What would you say is the biggest misconception of your industry for consumers?

Sometimes you can love your lawn too much.  As I said before, less is more. I’ve seen many homeowners mow more often than they should and not take into account the types of products they are using. There is also such a thing as too much water. Ultimately, oversaturation can have the same effects as inattention to your lawn. If homeowners are unsure of when or how to care for their lawn, local extension offices are available to help. Any lawn care professional can also lend a hand by conducting a simple soil test that shares insight on what action is needed and what products should be used.  My best advice would be to take a step back, and look at your lawn from the other side of the street. It helps you take less of a critical eye to your lawn and see the bigger picture.

What is the key to a healthy and well maintained outdoor space?

It starts with the foundation, meaning it starts with the soil. If your soil isn’t in a good place, then you are going to have a harder time seeing results. Good soil and good dirt means easier maintenance and viable drainage. Those building a house or redesigning their landscape should reach out to a local landscaper to better understand what is realistic and seek out advice for the plants and grasses that grow best in your community and environment. After all, you can’t make something grow. But, you can set your outdoor space up to thrive with what it is given.


Thank you to Deven for his dedication to ensuring our world continues to be greener and healthier. Learn more about Deven and Lucas Tree Experts at: or on Facebook at Lucas Tree Experts.

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