Mother’s Day: Give a Gift that Keeps on Growing

We know you love your mom. We also know you may have procrastinated finding her a Mother’s Day gift. But, here’s a simple option to create a heartfelt sign of your affection that has a much longer life than the clearance bouquet of flowers at the grocery store. Give your mom sweet smelling flowers that will bloom year after year and serve as a continual reminder of your appreciation for all she does.

Make a quick stop at your local garden center and gather a few supplies before you get started. We’ve put pen to paper for you – just copy the shopping list and follow the eight simple steps below.

Shopping list:

  • Plant of your choice
  • Pot with saucer
  • Potting soil
  • Plant fertilizer and protection product
  • Printable gift tag
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors
  • String or ribbon


1. Pick a plant. Choose a perennial that will grow back year after year, even if transplanted outdoors. We chose roses and shared care instructions on the Mother’s Day gift tag you can download and print at the bottom of the blog.

2. Find your pot. We’re using a terra cotta pot with a saucer, suited for many climates, that ensures our roses can drain completely, without excess water.

3. Gather your supplies. You’ll need potting soil and a watering can or hose. Set aside scissors, a hole punch, your printed gift tag and string or ribbon of your choice to add the finishing touch.

4. Time to plant. Measure the depth of the plant in its original container and mimic that depth when you replant it, either in the pot, or later on when transplanting to Mom’s favorite spot in the garden.

5. Introduce your plant to its new home. Add soil to the bottom of your pot, and place your plant in the center, on top of the bottom layer of soil. Add soil to fill in empty space around your plant, and make sure soil is filled to the brim.

6. Give it a good, long drink. Give your plant a good watering until the soil is moist to the touch.

7. Feed and protect your plant. We chose a three-in-one product with fertilizer, insect and disease control, applied according to label directions at the time of planting. If you see signs of insects or fungal diseases, take the The AND approach to protect your new plant, and use products when needed to keep your plants healthy.

8. Add the finishing touch. Use the circle guide at the top middle of your printed gift tag to punch the hole. Tie your string or ribbon around the pot and through the hole in the tag, and complete with a bow.

Similar to your mom’s busy schedule, roses are adaptable and can grow in almost any soil type. They can also be transferred to your yard’s landscaping as they continue to grow and bloom. Remember, roses grow best when cut back once a year.

With just a little more time than a dash-and-grab to buy a gift, you can create a memorable and lasting sign of appreciation for one of the most important women in your life.

Don’t forget the finishing touch. Click here to download your printable Mother’s Day gift tag.

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