Lend a Helping Hand on Father’s Day

Skip the tie and roll up your sleeves! Show your appreciation for all Dad does by checking off his outdoor to-do list. From yard chores to prepping for a cookout, use the tips below to handle it all. Still looking to go the extra mile? Download and print this certificate to give Dad on his big day for one free yard chore as part of his present. He’ll appreciate the help!

1. Take over Dad’s routine.

Dad’s oversight of the lawn may not be regularly top-of-mind, but no doubt his commitment to “doing it right” keeps the outdoor space looking great with seeming ease. Take notice of the best lawn care practices in order to pitch in and really make the tasks easier.

Mowing: Creating and sticking to a mowing schedule and not cutting the grass shorter than three inches can help keep the lawn green and healthy.

Watering: Water the lawn one inch per week early in the morning to allow water to soak in and prevent evaporation mid-day and standing water in the evening.

Refreshing: Freshen up patio furniture for the upcoming outdoor celebration by washing cushion covers and wiping down tabletops and chairs. Look for areas around the swing set and soccer goal where you can remove weeds and other hazards to keep the yard well-maintained and safe.

2. Check on plants and landscaping. Do a scan of the planters and flower beds to trim back any branches, pull weeds and determine how the plants are faring in the summer sun. As temperatures rise, it might be time to choose new plants to add to landscaping to withstand drier weather. A few drought-tolerant options: lantana, lavender, purple coneflower.

3. Organize storage space. Start by cleaning out the garage or storage space to reduce clutter. Organize Dad’s tried-and-true tools and consider stocking up on additional tools he would use for his yard care tasks. If you don’t have them already, add some shelves to store pesticide and fertilizer products can be stored out of reach from kids and pets.

4. Prep for the celebration. Make sure everything is ready to go by cleaning the grill before Sunday’s cookout. Avoid unwanted guests by cleaning the grill again when the cooking is done, and storing leftover food in tightly sealed containers. Finally, don’t forget to apply EPA-approved bug repellent before heading outside.

Make this Father’s Day memorable. Take items off of Dad’s to-do list, and gain some important understanding about caring for your outdoor space.

If you want to help Dad, but don’t the time to do it yourself, call in the right help:

  • Mowing service: Provides regular mowing, edging and trimming.
  • Lawn care service: Your go-to for seasonal upkeep for healthy and maintained grass.
  • Landscaping service: Landscape design and seasonal refreshes for your curb appeal.
  • Pest control service: Seasonal maintenance for a pest-free home and outdoor space.

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