6 Tips to Conquer your Backyard Campout

Turn your backyard into the ultimate staycation spot for outdoor fun with a few simple steps. Pitch a tent, start the fire and enjoy the taste of homemade s’mores!

Grab the essentials.

A few items you’ll need:

  1. Tent
  2. Sleeping bag, pillows and blankets
  3. Flashlights and lanterns
  4. EPA-approved bug repellent
  5. Camp fire materials
  6. Skewers and s’mores ingredients (napkins optional, marshmallows required)
  7. Water
  8. Electronic-free entertainment

Choose the right location.

Find the most level part of your yard, and make sure the area is dry before you start pitching the tent. If you’re not able to find a dry spot, put a waterproof outdoor tarp beneath your campsite – it should do the trick.

Fend off unwanted guests.

EPA-approved bug repellent should always be applied to your exposed skin when outdoors, according to label directions, and it can also be used to treat the exterior of a tent to fend off intruding mosquitoes.

Set up yard games.

With no electronics for entertainment, the fun is limited only by your imagination! Break out the card games, corn hole or go on a hike around the neighborhood. And when the sun goes down, share stories and sing songs around the campfire.

Grab some layers.

Jackets may not be the ideal attire for midday summer activities, but when warm afternoons turn into cool evenings, you may want to grab a few extra layers. Long sleeves and pants will keep you comfortable in the evening and act as an added defense against mosquito bites.

Light up the night.

When the sun goes down, put out the campfire, turn off the flashlights, and watch as the sky fills with starry constellations and fireflies. If it’s a cloudy night, use glow-in-the-dark stickers or glow sticks to create your own night skies.

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