New Homeowner’s Guide: 4 Ways to Landscape for Function

It may be hard to picture warm spring days ahead with chilly temperatures and snow on the ground. But, now is the time to start planning your spring landscaping and yard design. Whether you’re prepping for your first spring in your new home, or you’re beginning to master all things home and yard, there are a few ways to design the outdoor living space of your dreams.

First, decide what you’re going to use your yard for the most. Then, take a look at how you can design your landscape to fit your outdoor needs:

1. For the Entertainer: It’s your time to claim the title of “Best Host on the Block.” Incorporate evergreen trees, shrubs and hedges to create a natural privacy fence. Add a fire pit, dedicated grill area and string lights to finish off your perfect entertaining space.

2. For the Parent: Family fun is your priority, meaning you need a safe place for you and your kids to play. Plant treehouse-worthy trees that also provide shade such as maples and oaks to keep the area cool for long days outside. Provide cushion with grass for a safer, softer surface for your swing set and soccer goal.

3. For the Kitchen Pro: Add flair to your favorites by growing an herb garden. Sage, basil and parsley are the perfect flavor for meat you’ll savor and mint, rosemary and lavender are great garnish for spring and summer cocktails. You’ll reign as grill champ and mix master.

4. For the Adventurer: You spend your weekends hiking and exploring, but on the occasional Saturday you are home, you’re looking for an outdoor escape that doesn’t require much upkeep. Choose native plants, specific to your region when planning landscaping and consider perennials which keep coming back year after year – they’ll thrive and your landscaping skills will rest with ease.

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