Create a Garden that will Love You Back

You may have heard how the popular relationship book, “The Five Love Languages” by Dr. Gary Chapman, influences you as a partner, but how about in your yard? This Valentine’s Day, channel your love language in your garden, lawn and other green spaces around your home.

Whether you prefer to express love through words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time or physical touch, you can apply these personal preferences to the green spaces in and around your home, so they can love you back all year long.

Words of Affirmation

You rely on meaningful conversations and words of validation. Words hold high value with you, and receiving compliments or cheers of praise stay with you long after they are spoken.

You are fulfilled by others’ admiration of the beautiful green spaces you’re always working to perfect, so prune your windowsill herbs, upgrade your curb appeal with pops of color and create a list of new plants to incorporate into your flowerbeds this spring.

Acts of Service

Actions speak louder than words. Receiving a helping hand is how you know others really care, and you feel most appreciated when someone helps make a part of your life easier.

You’re a team player in your yard, and while you’re certainly up for a challenge, it’s not something you want to take on alone. More hands on deck mean less time toiling over the yard and more time actually enjoying it. Resolve to save more Saturdays for things you really love and hire lawn care and landscaping professionals to lend you a hand with your yard you desire most.

Receiving Gifts

A tangible, thoughtful gift makes you feel special. This doesn’t mean you’re materialistic; you just prefer the consideration and time that goes into gift-giving.

This Valentine’s Day, map out a garden that will bloom flowers and vegetables that will make excellent gifts for your loved ones all year. Prep your flower beds to make room for your mom’s favorite daisies and husband’s tomatoes. It will be the gift that keeps on giving.

Quality Time

Receiving others’ undivided attention matters most to you. Time is precious and being a loved one’s main focus makes you feel valued, so why not use your garden or yard as a way to bring you closer to those you lovet?

Arrange weekly meet ups to prepare your lawn for spring planting and start an herb garden that will inspire gatherings for delicious drinks and savory dishes. Pick a project together that will grow more than just plants; it’ll grow the relationships that matter most.

Physical Touch

A hug or a squeeze from the ones you love tugs are your heart strings the most. Everyday physical connections like handholding, morning hugs or a quick peck on the cheek is greatly valued in your book.

More than just a beautiful green space to enjoy, you want your garden to be a place where you can run through soft, safe grass, pick fresh flowers and feel the wind in your hair. You love to bring the outdoors in during winter months, just to relocate your favorite greens back to the yard in the summer. Turn your windowsill into a greenhouse and put your green thumb to work by planting herbs and flowers that require some extra hands-on attention!

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