The ABC’s of Bug-Free Back-to-School

Back-to-school season is here and busier than ever before, so we’ve compiled our expert tips to make staying bug bite-free as easy as ABC:

Apply EPA-Approved Bug Repellent

Kids are back-to-school, but ticks and mosquitoes are still out to play. As you pack cleats for flag football games, grab the trumpet for marching band rehearsal or toss shin guards in the van for soccer practice, don’t forget to pack EPA-approved bug repellent, proven to prevent mosquito and tick bites. Peak mosquito biting hours can vary based on region and the type of mosquito, so apply and reapply repellent according to label directions.

Beware of Potential Mosquito Habitats

As you cheer on your kids’ team from the stands, sideline or sitting area, be on the lookout for areas that may be harboring mosquitoes. Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, so noticing and speaking up about areas of the field or playground that frequently accumulate water will help groundskeepers and maintenance staff eliminate problem spots. At home, you can prevent mosquito bites in your own backyard by staying on the lookout for standing water that may go unnoticed with busy back-to-school schedules.

Check for Ticks

Tick season can last until late-September, so be sure to check yourself and your kids for ticks after spending time outside on the field, course or playground. Ticks can spread prevalent vector-borne disease, such as Lyme disease, making it important to check common hiding spots include in and around ears and armpits, behind knees, around on your scalp or in your hair before coming in after time spent outside.

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